Schools need framework and support for their day-to-day management and operations to be effective and successful. EQUATION EDUCATORS offers school management services and full school operation services for homeschool school centres, private schools, corporate-sponsored schools, public schools and districts.

EQUATION EDUCATORS provides hands-on support with all aspects of school operations. Our unique, fully integrated approach gives school boards, administrators and parents the confidence to move forward with their vision for superior schools. Moreover, our comprehensive services allow us to develop and implement an individual strategic plan for each school we manage.

We handle every aspect from facilities identification and renovation, financial considerations, board governance, marketing, public relations, human resources, curriculum development, enrollment and professional development. At EQUATION EDUCATORS, our ultimate goal and the foundation for everything we do is this: educational excellence.

 As a pioneer in education reform, EQUATION EDUCATORS SCHOOLS MANAGEMENT AND OPRESTIONS SERVICES offers academic institutions management experience and expertise that enables these institutions to focus on their primary goal: to create a learning environment where learners and students thrive. In fact, EQUATION EDUCATORS’s management services have been voted to be the second best in the field, here in SOUTH AFRICA. Beginning in July 2017 we started availing our services to countries like; Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Today we are poised on taking our expertise around the continent.