Challenge us to help you get Quality Textbooks and Stationery

Equation Educators assist schools and colleges in the procurement of all textbooks and stationaries. We are committed to ensuring that all schools receive their full consignment promptly. Our experience in procurements of textbooks and stationaries for schools and colleges has earned us a distinction in the industry for 4 over years. 

Our team of delivery experts ensures;

  • The right number of text books, in the right languages, for all the learners are delivered at the right time.
  • Verification of orders against learner enrollment if applicable
  • We meet with all publishers to discuss reduction of prices to the cheapest price per textbook
  • Selection process of maximum of three publishers per subject

Equation Educators has designed a model for its unique procurement processes of stationeries and textbooks;

In this process, text books are screened using the ISBN number.  Successful text books go to the approved catalogue, which feeds the requisitioning process.

The approved list of books (Catalogue) is made available to Schools according to the number of learners they have.

Once the requisitions are approved electronically or manually.  Those requisitions are consolidated at schools to create a purchase order(s).

Stationery packs can be delivered directly to schools or centrally to a warehouse from which they can be distributed to schools.

Textbooks are normally delivered centrally to a warehouse from which they can be distributed to schools. If distribution is done.

Textbooks are supposed to last about three years.  Our solution can help you with the issuing of the textbooks, tracking who the textbooks have been issued to, tracking who did not return the textbooks and how many textbooks have been lost and how many were returned.  This will help Equation Educators to top up instead of buying from scratch all the time.