Let Equation Educators find you your perfect tutor today

We know that tutoring is effective when it is personalised to each learner.

At EQUATION EDUCATORS We only work with tutors who understand how to do this. We provide tutoring services to Primary School learners, Secondary (High) School students as well as undergraduate/post graduate University students. Let Equation Educators find you your perfect Tutor today

Find Reliable Tutors

We find and manage Africa’s most qualified and reliable educators and match them to your tutoring requirements.

Flexible Schedules

We schedule your lessons and will replace your educator at any stage at no additional cost. Our educators travel to you.

Better Results

Get better results with equation educators 1 on 1 private tutoring today!

The Equation Educators Approach

Our tutor will speak to you to get your views on the learner/student learning and, if appropriate, to the learner/student school teacher as well. They will talk to your child and where necessary, do formal tests. That way, you know your tutor will develop a programme that delivers the results you need. Our tutors and our client service team will make sure we understand your goals and work towards them. We are diligent in identifying the outcomes or results you want at the outset of an assignment and making sure that this is measured throughout the education programme. Our tutors will keep you informed. They will give you direct feedback on progress and performance and helpful tips on how you too can support your child.

We promise three things​

We recognise the importance of creating an environment which is conducive to learning. Furthermore, we also believe that the customer has a 100% right to a friendly service. Our job is to help you to fulfill your potential-and have fun along the way!

Professionalism is at the top of our agenda, with every tutor being rigorously screened before being allowed to teach with us. This includes an enhanced Credentials and Background (CB) check. All our tutors are thoroughly screened, including a personal interview and academic competence review. All clients are entitled to view a copy of the assigned tutor’s CB check before commencing tuition to ensure complete peace of mind.

We aim to be an affordable quality tuition provider. We are dedicated to keeping our overheads low and our price plan is simple with no hidden costs. Enquire to get sent our fee structure.

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