Teacher Exchange Program

Beyond teaching basic learning curriculum, an exchange teacher has a unique ability to broaden students’ world view by introducing new perspectives and teaching methodologies. This program transforms classrooms into fertile ground for more than textbook learning; it exposes the teachers to new ideas, cultures, teaching styles, practices and methodologies.

Student Exchange Program

student exchange program is designed for a secondary school or university student to study abroad at a partner institution usually for a period of 2-8 weeks.The Equation Educator’s student exchange program may only be applied for by a parent or a school representative on behalf of the student. Where the student is over 21 years old, the student may apply by themselves and indicate that they are over 21 years old.

Our Participating Students

  • Learn a new language or significantly improve your current skills in a language through practical immersion.
  • Experience the stimulation of completing some of your education in a new and different approach to learning.
  • Greater general knowledge and understanding of global issues.
  • Gain experience and maturity through the challenges you face on exchange which takes you out of your familiar surroundings and “comfort zone”.
  • Develop increased self-confidence and a sense of self-reliance as a result of your exchange experience.
  • Enjoy the excitement of living in another country for a while.
  • Make new friends that will last a life time and who will help you understand the world through “new eyes”.

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