By donating to the EQUATION EDUCATORS widening Participation Program, you help to support our course to improve and foster the growth of education across Africa.

We encourage you to help us realize our Goal of Empowering over 500 undergraduates with scholarship/bursaries to study at higher institutions of their choice and 8000 school students to get through primary and secondary school every year. Your support, however big or small, makes a difference to change lives.

We are PROUD supporters of a Johannesburg based Non-Profit Organisation; THE VOICE Reg. No. NPO 175-865) which provides services such as;

  • Nutritional feeding scheme for disadvantaged children in the Rosettenville Area of Johannesburg.
  • Organise workshops, education trips and entertainment facilities for under privileged children.
  • Provide formal recognized training and skills development and school readiness training for children aged 5-6 years.
  • Educate children towards independence, self-sufficiency and maturity.
  • Inspire children with aged appropriate technology, mathematics to innovate, solve problems and create
  • Develop school readiness in each child by working collaboratively with families to ensure they are ready for schools level of learning.