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We are an elite Co-education, Training, Consulting, Management and Development Company based in South Africa with operations across over 17 African nations. We currently boast of well over 58 affiliate institutions associated with the brand globally. We partner with some of the most reputable schools, colleges, universities, non-profits organisations, cooperates and associations in around Africa.


We pride ourselves as Africa’s premier educational service providers and a consulting company undertaking school-wide education transformation across the African continent.

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We create unending possibilities in education. The brand was established in 2004. Some of our subsidiaries include;

Ø  Equation Educators Training and Education Consulting (SA) Pty Ltd

Ø  Jabp (SA) Pty Ltd

Ø  Private Educators of South Africa

Ø  Educators24

Ø  Equation Education (Nig) Ltd

Our vision is to be the foremost provider of educational services across Africa. We are determined to reach out to all that require our services in an unprecedented way, to listen to their needs and suggest appropriate initiatives to help develop and bring about effective change.

We pride ourselves on our Creative and Versatile Approach and believe that this is essential in order to produce quality results.  We apply mental, technological and social processes to generate new ideas and concepts. We bridge the gap between strategy and creativity. The results are often innovative, unique and remarkable.

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The Equation Education Mobile Application is the perfect solution that brings together students and educators. We provide an on-demand service that allows you to find a qualified and affordable educator at the tap of a button. 

Find educators offering private tuition in your area! View their profile, Contact them directly.

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